Share the Savings

Patients share the costs for their medicines. They should share the savings, too.

Robust negotiations between biopharmaceutical companies and insurers often result in significant rebates and discounts. According to a recent study from the Berkeley Research Group, more than a third of the list price for brand medicines is rebated back to payers and the supply chain.

However, unlike care received at an in-network hospital or physician’s office, negotiated discounts for medicines are not shared with patients with high deductibles or coinsurance. A new analysis from Amundsen Consulting found more than half of commercially insured patients’ out-of-pocket spending for brand medicines is based on the full list price. 

Insurers should share more of these rebates with patients.  Providing access to discounted prices at the point-of-sale could dramatically lower patients’ out-of-pocket costs.

Get the facts and find out where the discounts are going.

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